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If you have any problems using our new store, please call (808) 593-4520. Otherwise, enjoy your shopping experience!

Welcome to KonaStreet.com
We are Hawai'i

The Story
Back in 1953, Keiji Kawakami started a clothing manufacturing company specializing in Hawaiian wear and comfortable clothing. That company, which later became known as IOLANI Sportswear, blossomed into Hawai'i's premiere clothing manufacturer. 56 years, and two generations later, IOLANI is still around creating some of Hawai'i's favorite garments.

There was one problem though. Because of Hawai'i's isolation and the limited availability of clothing outside the Hawaiian islands, IOLANI was hard to find. Those who were lucky enough to come to Hawai'i and discover IOLANI's clothing would always complain (in a good way) that "we wish we could get this everywhere." IOLANI listened and put grandson Nick Kawakami in charge of remedying the situation. His solution: KonaStreet.com.

Named after the street which IOLANI is located on, KonaStreet.com is the premiere retail outlet for IOLANI products and services. Offering a wide variety of garments, KonaStreet.com allows you to bring a little piece of Hawai'i home, or share a piece with a friend. So browse all of our offerings, and keep coming back as we always have a deal for you.

The Mission
Our mission is to provide high quality customer service to help you better enjoy our valuable products.  While starting off selling only IOLANI clothing, we hope to branch out and be able to offer a variety of high quality products that portray the Hawaiian life we live here.
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